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What is Bird Off Gel:

Bird Off Gel is the original and first bio repellent gel. It is used to prevent pigeons/birds from roosting and congregating in unwanted areas. Unlike other bird repellent gel which are made from polybutene, Bird Off Gel is an oil base bird repellent gel. It’s non toxic and doesn’t harm the bird, even if the pigeon/birds come in contact with Bird Off Gel they can still fly or walk. They will not be trapped on the gel.

How to get rid of Pigeons:

Bird Off Gel does not harm birds, humans and animals.
It could be applied on any type of surfaces.
It is heat resistant, non caustic and non corrosive.
Bird Off Gel does not contain harmful ingredients.
Bird Off Gel will not freeze, melt, evaporate and will withstand the wind, rain and heat.
Bird Off Gel is long lasting if left undisturbed
Bird Off Gel is environmentally safe and will not wash out during rain.

How to apply Bird Off Gel:

Bird Off Gel is pack in a standard 10 oz. cylinder and is applied by caulking gun. Remove pigeon droppings and dirt in the area where Bird Off Gel is to be applied. Apply Bird Off Gel in a wave like fashion or in straight line. Bird Off Gel can be used anywhere: window sills, air conditioning units, air conditioning tubes and coils, roofs, ledges, billboards, places where birds roost and congregate.